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I love our drug laws…

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/11/2007

The UK has some fun drug laws.

Nothing is actually illegal per se; it can be issued under license by the Home Secretary under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which created the various drug Classes. These can be amended by order of the Home Secretary, so that, for example, Cannabis was downgraded from a Class B drug to a Class C drug, meaning that the highest penalty for possession is 2 years imprisonment, and possession by adults of small amounts will often only result in a caution.

All of this relates to the state of my teeth, which are, more or less, a bit knackered in places because I didn’t take very good care of them when I was younger. Regrettable, and I wish I had been a bit more sensible about it. That aside, one particular tooth is just baaaaad; chipped and very sensitive, and may need extraction. Yesterday, it flared up; extreme radiating waves of pain throughout the jaw, reflected pain in the form of earache, the works.

It was so bad that I was up until 5:00 a.m. this morning, finally taking three temazepam to knock me out. Even they didn’t work, and I drifted in and out of sleep until around 2:00 this afternoon. The only upside was the pleasant feeling of almost-drunkenness that you get when you take enough temazepam.

This afternoon, I peeled myself out of bed and went to the local Boots the Chemist, where I was given some wonderful advice by a rather strange yet helpful young man at the pharmacy counter, and bought some dihydrocodeine and paracetamol, which is freely available over the counter in the UK.

Apparently dihydrocodeine converts to dihydromorphine in the body at up to 95% efficiency, meaning I’ve got the equivalent of 14mg of opiates in my system right now.



2 Responses to “I love our drug laws…”

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