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Idiot Blogger of The Week Award?

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/11/2007

I’m thinking about being iconoclastic every Friday and not posting about cats, but giving a weekly award to the most annoying, moronic blogger I’ve come across.

The downside is that I’ll have to read lots of idiots’ blogs; the upside is that I get to ridicule people publicly with no chance of revenge and that I’ll never run out of material.

I have to admit that this is at least partly inspired by The Girlie Show‘s Wanker of the Week segment; I may be showing my age and a certain amount of sadness by admitting to having watched it.

I will of course be taking nominations for the Idiot Blogger of The Week, starting immediately.

Idiots will be ranked according to:

  1. Idiocy of ideas
  2. Ignorance
  3. Annoyance factor
  4. Smugness – it’s the hallmark of every good idiot that he thinks he’s some kind of fucking gift to humanity.

13 Responses to “Idiot Blogger of The Week Award?”

  1. mek1980 said

    First Candidate:

    Book Worm Room

    Idiocy of Ideas – 7/10
    Fairly normal, as Rightwingers go; as in, he represents the norm within the group, rather than the norm outside. The routine smearing of the Left as some kind of America-hating, Communistic group of psychopaths is par for the course with Rightwing bloggers these days. Oh, and in a telling blow – uses the phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, which is a dodge used by those who don’t wish to deal with criticism of the Administration.

    Ignorance – 8/10
    See Climate Change as hysteria/conspiracy; seems deeply ignorant on political theory, despite being a political blogger, instead focussing on a rah-rah-rah chant for the extremist right. Uses the word “dhimmitude” to describe any state of affairs not involving a whole-sale, constant suspicion of Muslims while decrying anti-Semitism.

    Annoyance Factor – 7/10
    Slightly higher than it should be, simply because he’s actually quite articulate. And the comments on his blogs are quite simply moronic.

    Smugness – 8/10
    Convinced, for what reason I don’t know, that he is the paragon of intelligence and wisdom.

    Final Idiot Score: 30/40

  2. I’d bump his final score up to 35 for realising the above and still inflicting it on the blogosphere.

  3. Sorry, will try it with the quote this time!

    “Anyway, that’s my take on the subject, which I freely admit is poorly expressed and relieved of the burden of actual facts.”

    I’d bump his final score up to 35 for realising the above and still inflicting it on the blogosphere.

  4. mek1980 said

    Hah! I missed that. I agree; let’s add 5 to his score for that alone.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Sink your teeth into this….

  6. Or this, I should say…

    Jesus wants me for a fucking sunbeam.

  7. mek1980 said

    Fuck a duck. This guy’s on the list.

    We all the time are describing people as good, and people are wicked above and beyond our own imagination.

    Not mine. I have a VERY powerful imagination. I can come up with all kinds of wickedness, no trouble.

  8. My latest response to him, which hasn’t yet been approved, is this:

    “I believe in a reality based on empirical evidence, in love for the people who love me (real people, that is, not some supernatural invention), I believe in a morality that, like everything else in this world, evolved, and I believe that calling a group of people “cold-hearted” because they don’t believe what you believe to be self-evidently judgmental.

    My standard for arriving at this final statement? Life experience. I know judgmental when I see it.”

  9. mek1980 said

    Props to the Murnster. Or should that be Murningster?

  10. Murningster is good. Sounds a little like “Morning Star” 🙂

    Okay, at the risk of revealing my ignorance, what does “props” mean in this context?

  11. mek1980 said

    Jack of Shadows or Lucifer reference? 😀

    Props… Um, like well done.

  12. I was thinking primarily of the Cheyenne leader but Lucifer is good, too 😉

    Was unaware of the JoS connection but “trapped in stone” caught my eye. Back to my bloody non-existent mining heritage again. Le sigh.

  13. mek1980 said

    Heh. I didn’t even think of that. I’m so witty I don’t even know when I’m being witty. </poker face>

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