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Well, crud.

Posted by That Other Mike on 19/11/2007

I’ve only just now been able to make a new post; for the past x amount of hours, it’s been dicking me around.

Apologies to anyone who’s waiting on anything new or to a reply; I’ve really not been in the mood for anything too heavy these past couple of days.

I just found out yesterday that my great-aunt has died. It’s not unexpected; she was in her seventies, and had end stage cancer. Seven months ago, the doctor told her she probably only had about six months or so to live.

You can understand why I’ve not really felt like doing anything involving too much mental heavy lifting.

Anyway, to follow tomorrow – Part III.

And so to bed.


2 Responses to “Well, crud.”

  1. Selena Parsley said

    So sorry,
    A couple of years ago we lost my grandmother to cancer and we were close to her. It sucks around this time of year to not have her around.
    Take care,

  2. mek1980 said


    It was about two and a half years ago that my own gran died, so I know what you mean.

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