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Apparently, the reason my girlfriend is so smart…

Posted by That Other Mike on 21/11/2007

… is because she has some in and out going on. Here I was thinking it was down to her brain.

It’s certainly an interesting thought, though, and definitely plausible, given that we know very little about how intelligence develops and is passed on. It may be that the gene set for intelligence in women is linked to those which would predispose them to lay down some fine bootay, in much the same way that there is a strong link between female fertility and matrilineal male homosexuality.

In other words, correlation is not causation. It may be that the two go hand in hand as a rule of thumb (enough manual idioms already); that a significant genetic attribute (fertility or intelligence, for example) has a knock on effect. Smart women may be more likely to be curvy but it doesn’t mean that curvy women are more likely to be smart.


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