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Idiot blogger of the week will be this Friday…

Posted by That Other Mike on 21/11/2007

And I have some more candidates for you to mock and generally be horrified at. Of course, their existence represents a puzzle, too; how do people this moronic survive to adulthood?

Idiot #1

Sword At-The-Ready

Idiocy of ideas: Extreme. He’s full of the same lunacy that characterises your average O’Reilly fan, but cranked up a notch. There’s the usual claims of “liberal media bias”, claims of Democrats wanting the destruction of America and other such conspiracy-nuttery, as well as constantly calling Barack Obama by the name Barack Hussein Obama. Because the name Hussein is pure evil all by itself, apparently. 9/10

Ignorance: Rampant. He’s calling Ron Paul a left-winger here. He also claims that the US was intended as a Christian republic. 8/10

Annoyance Factor: Huge. He seems to think that he’s actually doing the world… scratch that, he doesn’t care about the world. He seems to think he’s the last patriot alive, and never a scintilla of doubt or thought enters his tiny little brain. 8/10

Smugness: Enormous, although somewhat mitigated by the constant rage. It’s difficult to be smug when you’re a paranoiac. 7/10

Final Idiot Score: 32/40 – A Contender!

Another Idiot tomorrow!


One Response to “Idiot blogger of the week will be this Friday…”

  1. mek1980 said

    Idiot #2
    Frustrated Incorporated

    Idiocy of Ideas – Monstrous. This blogger, who goes by the handle Phantom Lady is a whackjob. Choice examples include the equation of Hugo Chavez, a megalomaniac dictator, with moderate Democrats; apparently a sense of social justice is tantamount to Communism. Who knew? Another joy to behold is her assertion that the Pilgrims were supply-side economists; no, seriously. She actually thinks supply-economics is a Biblically-established principle. 9/10

    Ignorance – Pretty bad. Leaving aside the claim that George Washington was a fervent Christian based on misreading a quote and total ignorance of Deism, there’s also the constant claim of “liberal media bias” (was there ever a more hackneyed and untrue phrase uttered?). 8/10

    Annoyance Factor – Ranting, ignorant, juvenile commentary which can be boiled down to “Wicked Democrats are Socialists! I love George!” is pretty annoying; and the blog format is just terrible to look at. 8/10

    Smugness – She has all the smuggery and self-assurance of the truly ignorant pontificating on a subject she does not understand or show any knowledge of. 9/10

    Final Idiot Score: 34/40 – A strong showing from the maniacal reactionary.

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