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And when our cubs grow / We'll show you what war is good for


Posted by That Other Mike on 05/12/2007

… I shall be posting my rough Parliamentary blueprint. I promise it’s all my own work, the twisted imaginings of my fevered brain. While I try not to make claims of originality where none exist, I think it’s pretty different.

And so to bed.

Update: OK, so I didn’t finish it yet. Some of you may have worked out by now that I’m very easily distracted, and… That dog has a puffy tail!

*10 mins later* Sorry.


2 Responses to “Tomorrow…”

  1. It’s 2007, can we even say “puffy”, let alone talk about its “tail”?

    Sorry. Getting bored waiting. 😉

  2. Mike said

    Sorry… Tonight, fo’ sho’.</Black American>

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