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I love libraries!

Posted by That Other Mike on 11/12/2007

I just went in today, and the copy of The God Delusion I ordered arrived, and is now in my possession.

That’s me sorted for the next few days, anyway. I’ll let you all know my impressions when I’ve read it.


12 Responses to “I love libraries!”

  1. Far superior to Hitchens’ God Is Not Great (though Hitchens is the better debater, IMHO.)

  2. Mike said

    Well, in terms of scientific enquiry and such, debating is an overrated skill. Dinesh D’Souza debates well. It’s all too often used in lieu of real substance.

  3. Yup, I’d agree with that — Hitchens (not a scientist, of course) does have substance, but he spreads it pretty thinly in book form. Good journalist, though (if that isn’t an oxymoron ;-)).

  4. Mike said

    TBH, I’m not a huge fan of the Hitch. He reminds me too much of the “War on Terror”; trying to win hearts and mind by being deeply-offensive. Education is the key.</soapbox>

    A journalist is something like a microcosm of humanity in one person: capable of the most brilliant acts, followed by the worst kind of idiocies.

  5. His offensiveness can be extremely entertaining, though ;-), and I think there’s been a brief window during which he’s served a purpose, but there’s a big-risk that he’ll become counter-productive, I must admit. If hasn’t already. I flip-flop a little with him. I admire his fuck you attitude, and then I loathe it. He made me rethink my position on the war in Iraq, then I rethunk it again and marvelled at how he could be so convincing with such a superficial argument. I like his disdain for questions he views as unworthy etc, then wonder if I’d be treated similarly.

    Education is the key… but for those who won’t be educated, Hitch can be brought out to offend some while I flirt with the rest? A plan? 😉

  6. Mike said

    Sounds like a plan. Go get that married fundy who’ll never drop ’em! 😀

  7. *rolls up his sleeves* I draw the line at Sirius, though. A bloke’s gotta have standards. Hitch can have him 😉

  8. Mike said

    *snort* Depends exactly how desperate you get, I suppose. Any port will do in a storm if your boat’s leaking alarmingly in shark-infested waters and the tigers you were transporting have broken loose. True story.

  9. He’s looking pretty attractive… some folk can’t even take a simple, only-half-teasing compliment, it would seem :..( Ah, well, can’t say I wasn’t warned 😉

  10. Mike said

    Who’s your swami now, biyatch? lol

  11. lol. Yeah, okay 😉

    Swamis are celebate, incidentally. Still want the title? 😉

  12. Mike said

    I’m lapsed. I’m a cultural swami.

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