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Internutter of the week…

Posted by That Other Mike on 21/12/2007

JaxConservative. A ranting right-winger who seems convinced that there is some kind of global left-wing conspiracy to destroy the US.

Unless this guy’s a parody, which I doubt for the simple reason that nobody is that accurate in a parody for such a long time, he’s one of the weirdest whackos out there.

Enjoy the unintentional hilarity.

Edit: Coming in a close second – The Foxhole


12 Responses to “Internutter of the week…”

  1. Selena Parsley said

    internutter,ha ha!:D

  2. sfcmac said

    Hey Mike,
    I see you’ve cited my blog in your “internutter” category. Oh, I’m flattered. If you want real nutroots to fill your selection try the krazy Kos Kids or the DUmmies. They spew some of the most visceral, rabid shit on the net. But then again, you leftwingwackos are always good for entertainment.

  3. Mike said

    Good thing that there’s more than one kind of crazy, huh? Else your brand of racist, paranoid, Bushite rhetoric might start to look normal.

    Tell me – how many al-Qaeda members are hiding under your bed? And how did the Hollywood conspiracy help them get there?

  4. sfcmac said

    I usually helped kill al Qaeda when I was in Iraq, so they didn’t live to make it “under my bed”, sweetpea. Hollywood entertainers figure they can dictate, from their lofty positions, what the bourgoise masses should think. They have all the answers. Just ask them. Between the Hollywood halfwits, Dem wackjobs like Harry Reid and company, and nutburgers like you, the Al Qaeda could’t ask for a better mouthpiece. You don’t think Zawahiri gets mileage out of your bullshit? Think again.
    Congratulations, Bin Laden loves you.

  5. Mike said

    That’s funny… Because I would think that bin Ladin would have more in common with someone like you than me. I am, after all, very secular, very left wing, very accepting of religious freedom, and very Atheist.

    You, on the other hand, seem to be a conservative Christian, which definitely puts you closer to the Taleban camp than me, sweetpea.

  6. Mike said

    Oh, and… How exactly does an Iraqi insurgent get mileage out of someone promoting Western values like democracy and freedom of speech? Do tell. This should be riveting.

  7. sfcmac said

    The “insurgents” in Iraq get more mileage out of promoting terrorism, not democracy or freedom of speech. Matter of fact, they make a habit out of suppressing it. I’m agnostic, so I don’t give a hair on a dead Democrat’s
    ass about religion.
    Islam is more like an fascist ideology than a religion, and the proponents have been responsible for thousands of deaths in the name of “Allah”. It damn sure wasn’t Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Espiscopalians, or wacky snake-handling Pentacostals from Appalachia who killed 3000 people on this soil in a single day, stuck a knife in the chest of Theo Van Gogh, or threaten authors, journalists, and cartoonists with death over ‘religious insults’.
    To hear the Left tell it, we are to blame for the war between Western civilization and Ottoman wannabes. Until 2001, Islamists were ‘peaceful’ and content to bow 6 times a day on their little prayer mats toward Mecca. The beheadings, bombings, stonings, and misogyny never occured. We caused them to become violent; not the teachings inherent to their religion.
    Tell you what, sweetpea, you take your “very accepting of religious freedom”
    speech and shove it up your ass.

  8. Mike said

    And did your military training include the tactics you just used against a bunch of strawmen? Advanced artillery use against entire armies of straw seems to have been on the curriculum. Tell you what – if you can find me giving any credence to the bizarre little scenario you just outlined, I’ll apologise and admit to being wrong. Alternatively, you could realise that you were talking crap, and you could apologise.

    And as for little speeches… Well, my friend, I’ve heard the little shtick about 3000 in a day etc a few too many times before. It’s ironically usually accompanied by the same “Islamofascism!” squawking which usually follows someone advocating a plain old crypto-fascist ideology.

    And again, why don’t you tell me how I’m giving them mileage? You’re just asserting it, over and over, and that’s not a way to win an argument; did your experience in Iraq not teach you that brute force tactics don’t win any hearts and minds? Or did you expect to just come in here and be greeted as a liberator?

  9. Selena Parsley said

    SFCMAC, “or wacky snake-handling”
    Don’t be talking about my church!!

    There are definitely extremists who do heinous things in any group of people, whether they are God believers or not I don’t like being lumped in that group of extremist because I am a beleiver. Not all “believers in God” are extreme mass murderers. That’s like if a woman was brutally raped by a man now she live a life saying and believing, “All men are violent, rapist, pigs because the person that raped me was a man.” There are a lot of protective and sane guys out there that hate what happened to the woman.Every man is an individual with his own ideas and way of life.

    The bible is filled with violence, incest, rape you name it, it’s all in there. And I am not going to accept parts of the bible that make me feel cuddly and sugary sweet and then deny the rest. And believers do get scoffed at because we have accepted this book, but it shows the very ugly side to human nature and what we are capable of. To me it’s reality, Jerry Springer and some of this smut talk shows have nothing on the bible (why do ya think I like to read it 😉 ) IOW I am not seeing the fairy tale (A God that destroys the earth, etc). Which brings me to: people view God as a violent Totalitarian and I have question some of His choices myself.
    Some Christians say, “You’re not suppose to question God.”That’s a load of crap, Jesus himself did it, “Why have you forsaken me???” I’ll finish this later, I have a kid that needs to get busy with his math and three clients coming today.

    *Hopes she doesn’t get her fluffy head bit off, but is certain she can handle it if she does…hops away to sharpen fangz* Just kidding 😉

    Mike: Fixed misspellings

  10. Selena Parsley said

    Screw my screw ups, I gotta go.

  11. Selena Parsley said

    Awww, thanks! 🙂 be back later…

  12. Selena Parsley said

    Some Christians say, “You’re not suppose to question God.” That’s a load of crap, Jesus himself did it, “Why have you forsaken me???”
    If there is really such a thing as character named Satan AKA deceiver it makes perfect sense to me that he would have his crafty, sligh little hands in the midst of religion, god believers, turning people from God (here I am talking The God of the bible) using religious people. He isn’t going to be found where the “sinners” hang out, he is going to be smack dab right in the midst of religion. He is going to influence people in the name of God and religion to create chaos, throw people into confusion and sway people to doubt God’s existence. Gotta go, be back later.

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