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Gods damn it, I am never working out ever again!

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/12/2007

I’m currently doing a modified version of the 8×8 “honest work out” as recommended by the late, great Vince Gironda, aka the Iron Guru. Last night I did my legs.

And now it hurts like a motherfucker. Not like I’ve injured myself, but just trained really, really hard; it’s that deep muscle ache that you get from being just a hair under overtraining.


11 Responses to “Gods damn it, I am never working out ever again!”

  1. I get that when I brush my teeth… even with an electric toothbrush…

  2. Mike said

    On a serious note, I suppose you must get a good old work out for the biceps at least on a daily basis just having to move around. Unless you’re motorised, of course.

  3. Limited upper-body strength, too, mate — so wheeling myself isn’t “my thing”. Motorised is a last resort, strictly for when I can’t be pushed about, waving regally 😉

    I actually have — classed as a “severe” disabilty but, thankfully, no longer (in my case) likely to directly affect my lifespan. Coulda been so much worse, so I’m happy enough 😉

  4. Damn link didn’t show. I have Type II SMA — link:

  5. Mike said

    That must be something of a drag. Not least because it’ll keep you out of the family trade of coal mining and other sundry underground pursuits.

    Do you have special white gloves for when you’re being regal, like the Queen?

  6. “Drag”, “Queen”, “coal mining” and “underground pursuits” in the same post? What are you implying?

    How very, very dare you?


    Seriously, though, it has it’s downside, but life’s generally good, mate. I ain’t complaining.

  7. Mike said

    And you have no hair and glasses! Synchronicity there.

  8. Glasses, dear? Who, dear? Me, dear? No, dear! I’ve never been so insulted. 3 months my Mother and I have been reading your blog and you come out with this!?

  9. Mike said

    What a fucking liberty! </character switch>

  10. dnxx1 said

    You can’t over-train just like that. It takes weeks to over-train. 8×8 is virtually useless, unless you’re doing a cross between bodybuilding and powerlifting. Don’t listen too much to Vince.

  11. Mike said

    Well, there’s overtraining and overtraining. You can over train, as in, do too much to the point of injury, in a single workout.

    As to whether 8×8 is effective, I’ve had some success with it before, although not totally. Vince had some funny ideas, alright, but he also had some good’ns and he got results. I would have a certain amount of lingering affection for him anyway, even if that weren’t true, simply because of the Schwarzenegger anecdote…

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