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Weirdest News Story of The Week

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/12/2007

Queen Launches YouTube Channel.

Nuff said.


6 Responses to “Weirdest News Story of The Week”

  1. That made me do a bit of a double-take when I first saw it this frosty morn but, really, I suppose it isn’t that different from the switch from radio to TV in ’57 (and no, smart arse, I don’t remember that :p ). I mean, it’s not as if it’s a “content change” — simply the introduction of a new medium, which has always been the way. I doubt there’ll be skateboarding Corgis or anything… sadly.

  2. Mike said

    I suppose so, yeah.

    What a fantastic idea, though – skateboarding corgis. I bet more people would watch the Queen’s Speech if she had that.

  3. Corgis don’t really have the legs for pushing off, though… maybe Her Mag could give ’em a kick to get ’em going? 😉

    I’m sure we can think of more entertaining royal footage, if we put our minds to it… possibly. A compilation of Philip’s least PC moments, p’haps? Plenty to work with there.

  4. *Her Maj, even…

  5. I thought her YouTube channel was already there? I know the Christmas message was published online last year, I thought it was on that?

  6. Someone should read the date >_<

    Just because its a related post to something that happened today, doesn’t mean its not nearly a year old!


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