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Now this is some creepy shit…

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/12/2007

H/T to Feministing.

Creepy! is pimping abstinence (now there’s a weird sentence) by asking girls and young women to act as if sexual liberation were a personal liability — no surprise there, given that it’s a project funded by a crisis pregnancy centre, AKA the You-Dirty-Slut-How-Dare-You-Entrap-A-Pure-Christian-Boy-Don’t-You-Know-Women-Are-Evil? Foundation.

OK, I made that last bit up. *searches through CoolVirginity* OK, yeah, I definitely made that up.

To act as if self-determination and the acceptance of its consequences are commodities* to be sold to a husband rather than simply a woman’s right as an independent human being are just, well, freaky and disturbing. But not, I have to say, surprising.

Given that we know that abstinence-only education is a collosal failure, that it is used as a platform for ideologies which glorify the suppression and commodification of young women and harmful stereotypes of masculinity and male roles, why the fuck did this ever get government funding? Which fucking morons decided this would be a good idea?

Oh, wait. These morons.

*Yes, I know, Marxist theory, blah blah blah. 


2 Responses to “Now this is some creepy shit…”

  1. Mike – are you sure this got government funding? I was under the impression it was a part of its sister site,, which is definitely not government funded.

    If that disturbes you, definitely see “Jesus Camp.”

  2. Mike said

    Maybe not this particular one; I was thinking in terms of abstinence-only education as a whole, rather than this specifically.

    But good point on the clarification. Cheers.

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