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Even more creepy shit…

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/12/2007

The Church of Scientology, winner of awards in the Creepy, Weird, and Plain-Old-Laughable-Even- For-A-Religion categories, now has an affiliate programme for drones to lure in new cultists Scientologists to attract potential new members to their religion.

Because, as we all know, Hubbard did not just make it up out of thin air and it’s not just a cheap pastiche of scifi garbed in religious clothing and Dianetics is not just nonsense. No, sir!


6 Responses to “Even more creepy shit…”

  1. Yeah, but just think about it, Mike, you might get to meet John Travolta or Lisa Marie Presley!… Huh? Oh. Okay. I’ll just shut the furk up, then, shall I?

  2. Mike said

    That might be best. *smirk*

    Anyway, I’d only have a Chris Tarrant reaction to them – I’d want to pummel them viciously until they were cranberry faced.

  3. Lisa Marie surprises me, actually. I mean her old pa has a religion all of his own and she desserts to a second-rate heap of tosh like that? *Harumphs indignantly*

  4. Mike said

    I’m having a Family Guy moment here.

    Blessed is the Fonz.

  5. Never watched FG… but, yes, Arthur was a nice boy

  6. Mike said

    Dude! You have to! </Family Guy fan>

    Seriously, it rulez. It’s on tonight on BBC3 at 11:30.

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