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Pointless and/or ridiculous religious behaviour of the past week or so…

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/12/2007

Bible put on a pinhead-size chip

Researchers in Israel say they have succeeded in putting a version of the Bible on a chip smaller than a pinhead.

Its 300,000 words in Hebrew were inscribed on a silicon surface at the Haifa Institute of Technology.

BBC News

Seriously? You don’t have anything better to write on it than that? I’m wondering whether the first line of the story should be “Bible put on chip by pinhead” instead. The claimed aim –to spark interest in nanotechnology among young people– is a noble one, but people who are that interested in nanotechnology are probably not going to be the super-octane Bible readers.

‘Very Religious Community’ Gets Rid of 666 Phone Prefix

REEVES, La. — After decades of living with what Mayor Scott Walker calls a stigma, residents of this southwest Louisiana village are getting a new telephone exchange, one without the biblical connotations attached to their current 666.

Beginning this month, residents and businesses can change the first three digits of their phone numbers from 666 to 749. Walker said he’s made the change on his phone; it’s set to be official for City Hall Jan. 2, and Walker said he’d had “20” people contact him Friday morning — before 10 a.m. — about changing, as well.

“This boils down to, this is a very, very religious community,” Walker said.

There are three churches in town, two Bible and one Baptist, and fewer than 450 homes, he said. In the Bible, 666 is depicted as the mark of the beast, and those taking the mark would be associating themselves with Satan, he said.

Fox News, H/t to the SecWeb.

I was going to make some snide remarks and go on a major snark attack, but on second thoughts, really, what would be the point? The story speaks for itself, I think.


9 Responses to “Pointless and/or ridiculous religious behaviour of the past week or so…”

  1. The Kama Sutra on a pinhead — now that would be an accomplishment.

  2. Mike said

    Doing it on a pinhead, though, that might be painful…

  3. I think we’re wandering into Clive Barker territory here — and I’m not sure I want to 🙂

  4. Mike said

    *hands Gary Rubiks cube* Bwahahaaha… What do you mean, wrong puzzle?

  5. I’ll stick with sudoku, thank you very much.

  6. Mike said

    Crosswords of the Damned!

  7. Crosswords be damned.

  8. Mike said


    I could never get into Sudoku. TBH, I just found it tedious. It’s a little like chess for me in that respect – rather overblown, and I could be doing something else. Like being on the webz.

  9. I don’t mind chess but my attention span is too short for me to ever stick at it for long. Plus, too much of it is about memorising moves and replies — and my memory sucks.

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