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One ‘cure all’ flu jab for life

Posted by That Other Mike on 04/01/2008

Via BBC News:

Scientists are making a vaccine that could give lifelong protection against all types of flu in a single jab.

Currently, at risk people in the UK – the elderly and ill – need annual flu jabs, and there is no jab available yet guaranteed to beat bird flu.

Biotechnology firm Acambis, in Cambridge, the UK, says it hopes its jab will target numerous mutations that presently allow flu to evade attack.

However, the work is very early and is years off being tested in humans.

While I appreciate that the vaccine is years off being perfected (if at all), it’s a welcome development, and might lead to the development of other vaccines.


9 Responses to “One ‘cure all’ flu jab for life”

  1. Seems a little unlikely, to me. I suspect they are aiming to identify and target some aspect of the virus that doesn’t mutate, a string of unchanging DNA or something, but whilst I’d welcome the resulting vaccine, it strikes me that those pesky flu viruses will outsmart us in the end. I’d put money on it, except for the fact that I probably wouldn’t be around to collect my winnings 😉

  2. Selena Parsley said

    “Scientists are making a vaccine that could give lifelong protection against all types of flu in a single jab.”

    Reminds me somewhat of “I Am Legend.” Have any of you seen this yet?

  3. Mike said

    Not yet, but I adore the book. One of my favourites. And The Omega Man, the Heston version, is kind of good, in a kitschy way.

  4. Not seen it, yet — but I want to. Any good?

  5. Selena Parsley said

    Yes, the movie rocked! Will Smith puts his all into a character as always. I love that guy! I have never read a scifi book, but hubby usually has one in hand he is always reading something. I watch the movies and he gives me the run down on how it really happened in the book. He says I, Robot was totally different than the book, but the movie was still entertaining.

  6. Selena Parsley said

    Moses plays the Omega Man LOL.

  7. Mike said

    I was quite disappointed with I, Robot. I could imagine Asimov turning in his grave. It was entertaining enough, and not knowing Asimov and the 3 laws probably helped with most people, but as a long term fan thereof (and particularly of the Susan Calvin series), I was quite disappointed. And Susan Calvin was transformed into a mere cypher character, background noise for Will Smith, which irked me. She’s not exactly a likeable character in the original incarnation, but she is strongly drawn and believable, as opposed to the film version.

    Plus, of course, there is the fact that I, Robot was a collection of loosely-connected short stories rather than a single narrative.

    IOW, it drew inspiration from Asimov, but it wasn’t Asimov.

  8. Okay, Mike — for someone (me!) who hasn’t read anywhere near enough SF, what would be you top five must-reads?

  9. Mike said

    That sounds like an entire post to me… *thinks* Answers later.

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