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So much for green power

Posted by That Other Mike on 06/01/2008

Via BBC News:

Brown hints at nuclear power plan

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has hinted that the government may approve a new generation of nuclear power plants.

He told the Observer newspaper that taking decisions on energy sources is “a fundamental precondition of preparing Britain for the new world”.

In other words, prepare for a new round of nuclear power plants foisted onto England. It’ll be England only, given that we don’t have a national Parliament which will reject planning permission for them, unlike Scotland.

Nuclear power is only green in the short term, and only in terms of carbon. It represents a long term risk which is unacceptable.

And I say again – given the large costs involved, both potential and actual, of nuclear power, why are we not developing wave and water power?

A quick overview of another point covered:

42 day detention without charge or trial? Get ready for a fight, Gordon, because Parliament has indicated, time and again, that this is unacceptable. Civil liberties are being excessively curbed in the name of fighting terrorism, too many powers are being granted to the police, and these powers will be abused – we’ve seen it already on several occasions with the Terrorism Act. Regardless of your rhetoric about judicial oversight and accountability, this is not wanted or needed, and it is an unsafe law. If you want to be Prime Minister for longer than one term, this is something you need to back down from.


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