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Weird stats

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/01/2008

Searches people have used to find my blog, from the past week or so:

    “intelligent design isn’t either”
    michael coren
    creepy shit is really creepy
    proposed law on prostitution harman uk
    “ben stein is a”
    uk parliament odd facts
    proposed law on prostitution
    Christian Communism
    religious communist
    golden compass sales
    ben stein idiot
    did the boycott of the golden compass work
    50 most loathsome 2007
    i believe in jesus now tell me why
    dinesh d’souza bhutto
    was madeline ohare body found
    ben stein idiot
    madeline ohare body found
    huckabee norris wierd odd strange
    how to make wanking feel good
    harriet harmon
    selena “under the covers”
    explain how lennie is odd
    why is the english government so shit
    ben stein confession internet spock suic
    ben stein expelled
    why should i believe in jesus
    make the impossibly improbable, into pro
    my mum fancies me
    ben stein atheism
    Ben Stein +idiot
    ben stein is an idiot
    village of reeves, prefix change
    harriet harmon + prostitution
    why should I believe in jesus
    chuck norris mayor
    christian communism
    fat donkey
    creepy shit online
    superstitious religious morons
    quotes murray o’hare shit
    how much roux for 4 litres soup
    Ben Stein letter
    creepy shit
    big donkey
    harriet harman prostitutes
    ben stein is an idiot
    bbc food leek and potatoe soup
    ben stein expelled IDIOT
    common arguments for god
    harriet harman + buying sexual services
    jackASS donkey
    creepy shit

You people are weird.


3 Responses to “Weird stats”

  1. ‘selena “under the covers”’… I’m not saying a word, Selena 🙂

  2. Selena Parsley said

    selena “under the covers” LMBO!

    I doubt it was me they were looking for, but just in case here I am exposed!

  3. Selena Parsley said

    Get me out of spam!

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