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Just back from the dentist.

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/01/2008

Horrible. Painful. Yuck.

More later.


The tooth snapped while being extracted, and it stunk, literally. Embarrassingly. I think it was the pus from the abcess. The dentist got one root out no problem, but the other one was so firmly embedded it took him ages to get it out. He was pulling hard on it, but it wouldn’t come out for ages and ages. He kept having to go at it with the drill, and then pull. I was being janked all over the chair until it finally popped out. There were little bits of tooth everywhere.

The numbness seems to have gone mostly, but I still have the packing in. I’m a little afraid to look, to be honest. It’s not a pretty sight when a tooth comes out cleanly, let alone when it’s that kind of Gladiator-style bloodbath. Speaking of, I had to wipe blood off my face when it was done. Nice.

On the plus side, it cost £27.70 instead of the £43.60 I was expecting. On the negative, I need four more fillings, which will probably run to about £150 in total, apparently. He did drill out some other rotted stuff from other teeth while I was strapped in, so it wasn’t a total nightmare.

I don’t know if I’ll go to work tomorrow. He said it would be very sore, which is dentist speak for “Ahahaha! An eternity of pain upon you, mere mortal!” Maybe I’ll go in in the afternoon. Interestingly, my dentist is Middle Eastern (possibly Iranian), and he was telling me that I had to tell him the truth about how well the novocaine was working, or I would suffer. I don’t think he meant it as a threat (although we are talking about a dentist here), just that he had an interesting way of phrasing it.

I bought lots of codeine on the way home. That should help.


6 Responses to “Just back from the dentist.”

  1. At least you won’t end up looking like Old Hitch (although, saying that, he’s had them Americanized, now.)

    Hope the pain eases soon, dude.

  2. Selena Parsley said

    If I was in your neck of the woods, I would mix up a batch of clove oil concoction for the pain.

    My dentist gave me some drug mixed with “laughing gas.” That was my first time to be high and I was loving it, I felt like I was floating and I didn’t want it to end.

  3. Mike said

    Thanks both 🙂

    Well, I checked the socket (technical term for space where tooth used to be) just now, and it’s healing up well. I’m doing the salt rinses after eating, and taking the opportunity to take a few days off working out.

    I am now missing both mandibular first molars. Synchronicity. I can pretend I did it on purpose now…

    My colleague at work used to be a dental nurse, and she’s given me some advice on what to do and not.

  4. I can help with the what-not-to-do bit! Don’t stick your finger in the socket and wiggle it about, cos it’ll sting a bit!

    Bet you’re glad you know me, eh? 😉

  5. Mike said

    You’re such a good friend.

  6. One does one’s best.

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