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Dear Media Types…

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/01/2008

Dear Media Types:

Will you please, please, please shut the fuck up about Senator Clinton’s “crying fit” already? I’m asking you as politely as I can, because you’re turning it into something it isn’t for all the wrong reasons.

She didn’t cry, she choked up for a second or so. And even if she had cried, so what? There is nothing wrong with her expressing emotion in public if she feels comfortable doing so.

Please stop trying to use a “crying fit” as evidence of unfitness for the Presidency. Stop trying to insinuate that Hillary or any other woman is unfit for the post, that crying is shameful or that women are weak. It’s stupid, juvenile and misogynistic, and profoundly insulting – not only to women, but also to our intelligence and sense of humanity.

Thanks for listening, Media Types, and fuck you too.



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