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England Slightly Damp Again

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/01/2008

Experts’ fear of further flooding

The Environment Agency is warning that the next 48 hours are “crucial” after severe weather struck much of England and Wales.

Storms and threats of flooding have caused disruption and river levels have begun to rise.

A repeat of July 2007’s devastation is feared after rain began lashing western England overnight.

Severe gales have hit much of west and south-east England and the Environment Agency has issued 71 flood warnings.

It looks like it may flood here again, too. The river was running high today when I was on my way to work, and looked a little flooded on the Culham side. I’d say it was running a foot higher than usual, and less than a foot shy of flooding the marina.

As that’s the way I get to work, it would certainly complicate things for me if it did flood. I’m unlikely to be hit by it at home if it happens, but we are in a flood plain, and it was only a few inches short of being high enough to flood us out last time.

There would likely be severe damage to properties along the river and in lower lying areas around the county if it flooded again, with insurance companies unlikely to fork out again for refitting.
Areas currently affected by flooding
All in all, it’s something I hope doesn’t happen; it was inconvenient, costly and dangerous last time around. And I got sick of seeing TV crews around Abingdon.


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