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The letter…

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/01/2008

I’ve been thinking it over, and it’s my conclusion that a multiple letter sent to Paul Dacre at the Daily Mail is something of a logistical nightmare.

That being said, I still think a letter or email is a good idea, and I urge you all to send one to him. I will be sending a letter soon. This is what I will send:

Mr Dacre:

In light of the recent trial of Steve Wright, it is callous, repugnant and vile that Richard Littlejohn’s editorial blaming and dehumanising the murdered women of Ipswich still remains up on your newspaper’s website; even worse is that there has been no apology for his disgusting remarks defaming the murdered women, and that he continues to work for you without censure.

Your continued employment of Mr Littlejohn brings shame on you, your newspaper and the entire profession of journalism.

Mike *Surname*

Any thoughts, additions etc before I send it?


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