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Eww. Just… Eww.

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/02/2008

(HT to the f-word)

Woolworth’s (still going here in the UK despite no longer existing in its native land) sold until just recently a bed for young girls called Lolita. Ewwwwww… That’s just icky by itself.

Following pressure from the online parenting group (story here), the bed has been withdrawn from sale by Woolworths stores and taken out of its catalogue. All to the good.

What’s slightly disturbing about the story from another angle is the following:

We then had a phone call from a Woolworths’ press officer saying; ‘This was one product sold online and in the Big Red Book and quite naturally the people who arranged it had no idea about that word. They’d never heard of the word and in fact, neither had I. I had to go on to Wikipedia to find out the meaning of the word.’

*blinks* How does anyone not know about this? It’s like giving a line of clothes for big, tall men the name “Goliath” and professing shock that there’s a Biblical connection.

Lolita is known across the world and is so conceptually integrated into our culture that the very name has become synonymous with female sexual precocity and has spawned a genre of pseudopaedophiliac pornography.

The idea that nobody at Woolworth’s picked up on this seems rather implausible; even with the assumption that people at entry level, whom managers would not listen to in regards to buying and policy decisions in most cases, did not pick up on it or were ignored, someone had to approve this, and it probably went through a chain of buyers and managers before being sold, and then it had to be promoted internally to stores and be put into their catalogue and onto their website, and then sold in store… Not a single person in the entire Woolworth’s chain knew or understood what Lolita meant?

I’m putting this one in the bullshit file.


2 Responses to “Eww. Just… Eww.”

  1. Nectarfizz said

    🙂 Lolita…hahahaha it’s not like it’s a common name either.

  2. Lottie said

    No kidding! Surely someone picked up on it along the way. Even I knew, but only from watching Law & Order SVU. But still…

    Oh, and…

    Lottie aka Charlotte aka Mike’s Girl (there, the cat’s out of the bag lol)

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