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Latest search weirdness

Posted by That Other Mike on 24/02/2008

Weird and unusual terms people have used to search in the last week:

dinosaur noises
hitchens and coren
fidel quits
medicine blog
odd medical procedures
tooth abcess
why should i believe in jesus?
good doctor
disadvantages of one chamber parliament
mike huckabee for president
chuck norris
ben stein is an idiot
yorkshire goth
lawrence vibrator
tricks for smart baby guinea pigs
reaction towards prostitutes
atheist chesterton believes
odd science stories
most common nouns
jeremiah ch. v.
conception takes place on odd dates
rowan druid women
plurality voting disadvantages
jessica curlett
purpose of fire olympics
your mum hottie
english makes me feel good
roman catholicism and communism
nonsense homeopathy
prostitution,uk, human traffic, harman
“compact gtl”
prostitution reaction
bbc look east. suffolk murders
blog of the week award
cow lemming
a jackass
“compact gtl” explosion
meaning believe jesus
anime girl dildo
communist christians
big big fat ben
chuck norris photos
“christian communism”
donkey in a bathtub
are there any arguments against hybrid c
weird stats

I’ve linked where I have a clue what the hell someone actually came up with. Some of the terms are just genius, though: tricks for smart baby guinea pigs, english makes me feel good, donkey in a bathtub.

Not to mention that dinosaur noises has come back again. Someone (or lots of people) is searching for that very regularly.


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