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Leaving on a jet plane…

Posted by That Other Mike on 01/03/2008

One week from now I will be on an aeroplane, flying over the Atlantic, on my way to Texas.

I will be posting in the meantime, though, and will let you all know when I arrive. I’ll be there for three weeks.


7 Responses to “Leaving on a jet plane…”

  1. Lottie said

    For anyone interested, Mike’s plane is leaving the Minneapolis airport as I type this. I’ll pick him up here in about three hours. Yay!

  2. nectarfizz said

    Charlotte and Mike sitting in a tree
    first came love
    now comes marriage
    hurry up with the baby carriage!

    (signed ME)
    (big smile)

  3. Lottie said

    Hehe… 😀

    Mike’s right here with me so we got to see this together. We’re going tomorrow for our marriage license. I’ll keep you posted.

    I like your new picture, by the way.

    I have to go now because Mike’s hounding me to use the computer. lol

  4. Mike said


  5. Nectarfizz said

    *waves madly back*

    Love you muffins!

  6. Nectarfizz said

    When I say muffins..I mean “both” of you..just for clarifications sake. (and to keep Lottie from thinking I am flirting with “her manz” cause a girl can get beaten with her own arm that way.(heh heh heh)

    (huge grin)


  7. Lottie said

    When I say muffins..I mean “both” of you..

    That’s exactly how I took it. And even if you were only talking to Mike, that would have been OK too. I love people who love my honey. And I love muffins. LOL

    (((big hugs)))

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