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Here I am…

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/03/2008

duhduhDUH rock you like a hurricane!

OK, so I’m here in Texas. The journey was… long. That’s pretty well all I have to say about it right now. The connections were fine, the food was as usual fairly dreadful but not so bad as to cause actual physical harm. The second leg of the flight was pretty good. I got put next to two empty seats, which meant that I had a bed, and I went to sleeeeep. Best plane ride ever.

My girl is as beautiful and gorgeous as ever, and it feels like I was never gone. We slept in late this morning and went to IHOP. I had the chicken-fried steak breakfast, which feels rather decadent to me.

The Boy has grown significantly – he’s now as tall as his mother. He’s also matured considerably, and he’s starting to turn into a young man rather than a boy. I may have to rename him 🙂

More posting relatively soon.


5 Responses to “Here I am…”

  1. Check yer email, pardner…

  2. Nectarfizz said

    Huggles Mikey Mike!!!

  3. J W Kraft said

    Hey Mike, welcome to the U. S. of A. and welcome to Texas.

  4. skynode said

    Hallo… What was your boy’s name? Lol

  5. Mike said

    The Boy 🙂

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