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So I’m back…

Posted by That Other Mike on 31/03/2008

I got back to the UK yesterday. I wish I was back with my wife. *sigh* Things will progress and become easier, I know that, but right now, I miss her terribly and wish I was with her. It’s only a small solace that I will be again in the near future.


4 Responses to “So I’m back…”

  1. Can’t be easy for you, mate, but at least the clock is ticking down to the two of you being together permanently, now — and in the meantime, if you need to whinge and moan, you know where I am 😉

  2. Mike said

    I know, and that does help. I was just feeling gloomy… And I’ll send plenty of whinging and such your way.

  3. I’ll brace myself 😉

  4. Nectarfizz said

    I am here too. We can whine together in a sort-of barber shop chorus.

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