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Posted by That Other Mike on 10/04/2008

It’s been a while since we had one of these, and I just found this one the other day, and the craziness just leapt out at me like a giant… Uh… *searches for simile* Like a giant rabid badger in search of a cheeseburger. That’s how looney the blog is — I had to come up with the most insane simile ever to describe it.

Our internutter for this post is Disinter, who operates a blog which is just a grab bag of craziness. He1 is apparently nuttier than squirrel shit: it’s like the guy is going through a a bingo card of right-wing conspiracies and talking points. I assume he gets to shout out, “BINGO!” on a regular basis.

We have all of the usual, standard conspiracies on show here, folks: WTC Attack2 Trutherism, in the form of claims that Osama bin Laden is dead and only used as a prop for neocon policy spin, if he ever actually existed — the site seems to swing between one and the other; Climate change denialism, in the normal mould of claiming that it’s some kind of lefty plot to raise taxes or control people’s lives, all of it culled from less than reliable sources like the Daily Mail and that lying gobshite Lew Rockwell; not to mention the usual stuff about the gold standard, the alleged criminal activities of various arms of US government agencies and the supposed North American Union which will come and eat your babies. Or something.

There’s also the claim that Hillary Clinton is a commie, which is something of a shock to those of us who actually are on the Left end of politics. And, of course, the grand-daddy of them all, the conspiracy in which teh Fedz R coming!!1!! to steel UR gunz!!!1!!!one!, otherwise known as the Federal Government and Federal Reserve are up to all kind of un-Constitutional shenannigans.

So far, pretty unusual in an internutter. This kind of thing is common amongst the whackjobs – as an example, I present to you the following WordPress tags

which are all chock full of teh stupid. And it burns.

However, there are some facets of Disinter which make it rather interesting: some of the conspiracies are actually quite novel. They’re not superduper imaginative or properly thought-through –they wouldn’t be totally out of place in a Michael Crichton novel– but we should give credit to the guy for at least trying to be a little different to the herd; the major irony here being that most of these conspiracy nutters trying so desperately to outdo one another in restating the same debunked hypotheses are proponents of the Libertarian Party, the supposed party of the individual.

The new and improved conspiracies which Disinter is promoting include Reagan being shot for criticising the Federal Reserve3, Spitzer being set up and one which I love because it’s so specific — a plot to manipulate the international silver market.

Clearly, this guy’s grip on reality is somewhat shaky, but there’s one very clear sign that Disinter is a true Internutter — even now, he’s promoting the Ron Paul presidential bid.

1 I’m generalising, but most internutters are young, white males. If I’m wrong, I’ll naturally correct.
2I refuse to say “9/11”. Mainly because I know how to write a fucking date correctly.
3Freudian slip of the day – when I was typing that sentence, it came out as “Reagan was shit”. Best typo ever.


9 Responses to “Internuttery”

  1. disinter said

    You don’t have the intellectual ability to prove anything mentioned on disinter is incorrect, so you resort to childish ad hominem? Typical internuttery, indeed.

  2. Mike said

    It appears you don’t know how burden of proof works, but I’ll let that one go – you’re just too entertaining a nutter to argue with too hard.

  3. disinter said

    Nice cop-out.

    You are the one claiming the information is incorrect. The burden rests on you. Of course the reason you can’t dispute the information is obvious.

  4. Lottie said

    […] you’re just too entertaining a nutter to argue with too hard.

    I see what you mean. Isn’t it amazing how many of these guys come along and prove your point with their own statements? The funniest part is that they’ll never ever understand that.


  5. Yeah, come on, Mike, prove his claims incorrect. Can’t, can ya? In the same way you can’t prove I haven’t got invisible lobsters at the bottom of my garden (or in my shorts, even)!


    The reason you can’t disprove it, is obvious. But I’d bet our brand of “obvious” is different to his.

    Good to have you properly “back”, Mike, mate!

  6. Mike said

    I have invisible lobsters in my back garden. Green ones.

    I’m assuming that our brand of obvious is so far from his that our brand of obvious has to get its passport stamped to visit his brand of obvious.

    And thanks 🙂

  7. Lottie said

    I have invisible lobsters in my back garden. Green ones.

    Yes, and we need to do something about that. They’re frightening the Abatwa.

    (I know the article says they’re mythological, but they’re real. I know because I saw one when I was pregnant. I can prove it too: I gave birth to a male child two months later.)

  8. Mike said

    Ladies and gentlemen – my wife. She’ll be here all week.

    Try the veal!

  9. You needed a drum-roll before “my wife”, dude.

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