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Wednesday Round-Up of Interestingness

Posted by That Other Mike on 16/04/2008

From around teh webz, I have some interestingness to showcase. The choice of day is entirely arbitary, like that for most round-ups.

  • Lottie has an interesting and funny post decrying the state of education among Florida teens who have been subjected to abstinence-only “education”. She eviscerates the abstinence-only position in a funny, well-researched post. This is one of the issues that she takes particular interest in, given that Texas has law requiring abstinence-only (mis)education, a law which will start impacting our son’s life any day now.
  • Feministe has an interesting and informative (guest) post up on a new attempt by anti-abortion groups in California to secure parental notification laws via California’s initiative process. It’s an interesting analysis of the issue, and well worth reading.
  • You should also check out Gary’s post on Cleveland, the historic county of Northern England. It’s chockful of information about this historic area, and has many interesting factlets.
  • Ampersand, of cartoon fame (or should be, anyway), has written a thoughtful post outlining some of the reasons why he’ll be voting for Obama; it’s going to be part of a series, and as an outsider who is at least notionally familiar with American politics and the underlying system, I found it an interesting read. You should also take a look at his graphic novel, Hereville.

I also think I should win a prize for most wide-ranging yet connected tags that will bring people in expecting something completely different.


One Response to “Wednesday Round-Up of Interestingness”

  1. Yay, thanks for the plug, old mucker, old buddy, old pal 🙂 I may reciprocate… when I can be arsed 😉

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