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Six Degrees of WordPress

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/06/2008

It's lard, it's lard!  It's big, it's heavy, it's fat.  It's lard, it's lard, it's better than bad, it's good.So I’m sitting around thinking about lard, and…

OK, yes. An explanation may be in order. Lard is my new wonder fat for cooking with. It’s got lots of unsaturated fats, less saturated fat than butter, and fries to a crispy finish. It also works very well in stuff – I made biscuits with it the other day that were just divine, dahlinks. Seriously, it’s like the best fat to work with, in cooking terms. The only thing to remember is to buy the refrigerated kind that is non-hydrogenated; the hydrogenated kind contains trans-fats, which are teh evol.

Short digression about lard: lard comes in various grades. The best is called leaf lard, which is made from fat around the loin and kidneys; the next one down is from the fatback, which is unsurprisingly on the pig’s back; and the least good grade is made from the caul covering internal organs. Most lard is made from a mixture of these fats. It has a high smoke point, a neutral flavour and is chock full of nice fats.

Anyway, so I’m sitting around thinking about lard, which leads me to start thinking about bacon, what with lard being rendered from the fatty parts of porkers. Bacon’s brilliant. And has anyone else seen this? The thing I love about this product is that it is actually kosher. Comedy genius.

Anyway, thinking about bacon obviously started me thinking about Kevin Bacon. He’s not as brilliant as actual (pigflesh) bacon, but he’s still pretty good. I liked Flatliners, and one of his films, Pyrates, which also stars his wife Kyra Sedgwick, is unjustly overlooked, in my not so humble opinion. Sure, it’s not Citizen Kane, but I liked it.

Which brings us not-so-neatly to the famous trivia game involving Kevin Bacon – six degrees of Kevin Bacon. The idea is an expansion of the famous (and somewhat inaccurate) axiom that there are never more than six degrees of separation between any two people in the world; there are, for example, four degrees of separation between me and George Bush – I have met my MP, who has met whichever non-entity happens to be current leader of the Liberal Democrats, who has met Tony Blair, who has met George Bush. The conceit of six degrees of Kevin Bacon is that any actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less, which leads to an actor’s Bacon number, the number of links between that actor and Bacon. Ronald Reagan, for example, had a Bacon number of 2; Matthew Perry has a Bacon number of 3, because he was in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with Ed Asner, who was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.

While I was thinking about Bacon numbers and the like, I happened to have my browser open and I caught sight of a recent comment, and thus was a new meme born. It’s not exactly like SDoKB, but it evolved.

The way the meme works is this:

  1. Go to the latest comment you have from someone else. Go to the blog of the person who made it. If that person doesn’t have a blog, go to the next one.
  2. Click the latest comment on that blog from someone else. Go to the blog of the person who made it. If that person doesn’t have a blog, go to the next one.
  3. Do this again until you have gone six blogs away. If anyone on the way doesn’t have a latest comments widget, just pick the first comment you see.
  4. Post about it. Tag at least a couple of other people.

Mine went:

  1. Anxious Mofo commented on Thor is Angry!
  2. Paul from Cafe Philos commented on Finally, someone takes a stand against irritating celebrities
  3. Lirone commented on The Rain at Dawn
  4. Michelle commented on Little boy’s toy…
  5. noahthegreat commented on Monday Mural, and…
  6. Bob at Average Poet commented on Actions…

I tag Gary and Lottie.

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21 Responses to “Six Degrees of WordPress”

  1. […] It seems that Mike has given birth to a new meme. At least I think that’s what he said: While I was thinking about Bacon numbers and the like, I happened to have my browser open and I caught sight of a recent comment, and thus was a new meme born. […]

  2. Lottie said

    OK Honey, I did mine! Of course, the pingback probably tipped you off.

    Thanks for all your help today. You’re the best, and I love you with all my heart!

  3. Mike said

    I saw 🙂 I made sure to click on all of yours so that they would see the links and visit you…

    You’re entirely welcome. I like to help you as much as I can 🙂 You’re the besteresterest, and I love you totally and utterly. *smooch*

  4. The sun’s out so I am going to do mine later. Give me a kick if I forget!

    Two degrees of separation with Elvis, that’s me! How cool is that? (Which means you and Lottie can claim three!)

  5. Lottie said

    One degree of separation between me and Willie Nelson. 😀

  6. Mike said

    *blinks* And you never told me? Damn it, I want a divorce.

  7. Lottie said

    It was about twenty years ago. He stayed at the hotel where I used to work and he ordered room service. Another employee and I (playfully) argued over who would take it. She won. I could swear I told you. She said he came to the door in his underwear. Ring a bell? lol

    Divorce? Screw that! You’re stuck with me, Baby. 😛

  8. Mike said

    Aha… You had told me, but I didn’t quite get it because that actually gives you a Nelson number of 2 – your friend, and then Willie. Ye gods, did I actually just type that in all seriousness? lol

    Hehehe… Oh noes! Halp!!!11!!One!

  9. What’s Nelson’s willie got to do with this?…

    My head hurts… 😉

  10. Lottie said

    Mike: When did I ever say I could count?

    Gary: Well, my coworker did say Willie answered in his undies. I didn’t ask if they were boxers or briefs. *snort*

  11. Mike said

    Mike: When did I ever say I could count?

    I’m trying to think of some way to answer that without using a penis-size joke, but I can’t…

  12. Lottie said

    OMG! You’re an entire evil plant!

  13. J W Kraft said

    So, you count the contact person? Then I have 1 degree of separation from Chuck Norris. How bout being related to someone, does that count even if you have never met them? If so then I have 1 degree of separation from William an Harry. I’m almost royal. -

  14. Mike said

    OK, you have to tell about this…

  15. J W Kraft said

    Chuck Norris lives near by, I’ve run into him in town before. I’m not sure how the royal connection actually works. I believe my great-grandmother was a Spencer and was contacted prior to the royal wedding, the one that ended in the royal divorce. I’m sure I should have a title, Duke or something.

  16. Mike said

    Unfortunately… You’d only be related by marriage, and thus, under the rules of British aristocracy, you’d be ineligible for a title. Sorry 😀

  17. We could dub him the People’s Prince, Mike, mate, couldn’t we?… for a reasonable fee 😉

  18. Mike said

    Cash only!

  19. Lottie said

    Cash only!

    With whose head on it? 😛

  20. Mike said

    Who’s giving head?

  21. Lottie said

    Surely not the Queen?!

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