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Day Nine: Pita Bread and Climate Change

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/09/2008

Not much happening today. I ate kind of badly, if you want the truth: pita bread with hummus for lunch, and left-overs for dinner. Not a terribly inspiring sort of advert for the vegan lifestyle, but to be honest, some days I just can’t get into cooking, which is something of a shame, because I do enjoy doing it and talking about it.

I have noticed that a lot of my bread intake lately has been in the form of pita bread; lots of it in the form of garlic and herb pitas from Tesco, which are actually rather tasty, if a little stinky! That, combined with garlicky hummus, is making me somewhat difficult to be around… Hehehe.

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3 Responses to “Day Nine: Pita Bread and Climate Change”

  1. riggword said

    Hello there Mike,

    You recently left a message on my blogconcerning a past commenter named Lottie,
    I am not sure who you are, but it seems odd that you are patrolling my blog.
    If you are just trying to help out then thanks for the heads up.

    Anyway, I tried to remove all of the recent disgusting remarks from my blog.
    Some of the comments were coming too fast for me as I work a lot.

    Neither Lottie nor Timothia are allowed to post on my blog anymore.
    I have deleted as many as I thought were relevant.
    Lottie did defend herself I think but, then she got a little testy herself
    so I deleted her responses.

    I had no idea that the two of them were some kinda enemies.

    The whole thing got out of hand when I was out of town.

    I hope this clears up your complaint.
    Until I understand a little more about you and your blog I am not posting your comments as well.
    I hope you understand.

    I am a little curious about the WordPress etiquette thing. I have been called all sorts of names
    on my blog and others. I sure haven’t seen anything near politness since this election thing
    got started.

    Thanks for the heads up,
    God bless,

  2. Mike said


    I know the entire history of what happened, which is that you encouraged my wife to share her views over a period of time and then dumped all over her for saying things you don’t like or agree with.

    You don’t get to do that and then come over here acting as if your warped version of history were some kind of tale of the innocent and victimised Christian being persecuted by the wicked Atheist. Here’s a tip – we can all see what you’ve said on both places, and we can all see that you’re trying to give a certain impression which is completely at odds with reality.

  3. […] was that Mike is my husband. This was made evident by his attempt to pit us against each other by insinuating things about me to Mike and vice […]

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