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Palin jumps the shark

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/10/2008

Palin makes Obama terrorist claim

US Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has accused the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, of associating with terrorists.

She said he had been “palling around” with an ex-member of US-based militant group Weather Underground, which opposed the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

Mr Obama once served on a charity board with a member of the group, but he has denounced its activities.

A Democratic spokesman accused the Republicans of gutter politics.

“What’s clear is that John McCain and Sarah Palin would rather spend their time tearing down Barack Obama than laying out a plan to build up our economy,” Hari Sevugan said.

Commentators say Mrs Palin’s attack forms part of a broader Republican strategy to attack Mr Obama’s character.

Via BBC News

Gutter politics is right. One of the more repugnant Republican tactics of the 1990s was the constant impugning of the patriotism of Democrats, a tactic which they then took into the new century with Swiftboating and the constant references to Obama’s middle name, as if that proved something.

The McCain campaign should be ashamed over this. This is negative campaigning at its most disgusting and abhorrent, and frankly, whichever puppeteer was operating Sarah that day needs to be fired, immediately.

I won’t say that Palin needs to be ashamed, because I don’t give her enough credit to have actually come up with it on her own; she’s a mouthpiece, a gimmick, a one-trick pony brought in for entirely cynical and despicable reasons, and I wouldn’t give her credit enough for being able to tie her own shoes.

6 Responses to “Palin jumps the shark”

  1. jonolan said

    You might want to do some research into the Obama-Ayers connections. They worked together for some time on the Woods Fund and there’s also a lot of “questionable” links between the fund they worked with and ACORN and Trinity UCC.

    Nothing Palin said was incorrect or untrue; Obama and Ayers had to have worked closely together for years. It’s just up to the voters to decide if Ayers’ past actions still matter and if they care about some of the beliefs and practices of the Woods Fund.

  2. Mike said

    They haven’t worked together closely; they were both on the board of the CAC, representing different organisations, and both on the board of the Woods Fund, which, I might remind you, is a very public anti-poverty foundation.

    They apparently attended a dozen or so charity events together as board members over several years. That hardly counts as “palling around”.

    In a similar vein, Obama was in single digits when Ayers was involved in the Weather Underground, and has repudiated Ayers’s past actions. Ayers has also been involved in legitimate activities for decades now.

    If you don’t like Obama, fine. Just don’t follow the conspiracy nut herd; it’s embarassing to watch otherwise sensible people fall prey to that kind of nonsense.

  3. jonolan said

    Just for the sake of showing the ongoing connection:

    Obama & Ayers

    If you like Obama, fine. Just don’t follow the cover-up nut herd; it’s it’s embarrassing to watch otherwise sensible people fall prey to that kind of nonsense.

    Also, as I said before – it’s up to each person to determine if Obama’s connection to Ayers matters – or should matter. Ayers was a terrorist and a traitor to the US, but to be fair that was in the 60s. The connection is there though and that’s no conspiracy theory.

  4. Mike said

    You’re kidding, right? Let’s examine your ‘news’ sources.

    The WaPo, which is so far in bed with the Republicans these days that the editor likes to spoon afterwards; a blog site which alternately insinuates that Obama is a fascist or a communist (make up your mind, genius…); World Net Daily! You blew any credibility you had with that one; and the American Thinker, a far-right e-zine which is basically just knock-off of Rush Limbaugh.

    Yeah, right. Come back when you have some real sources, ‘k? Posting links to extremist screeds is something you really need to avoid doing, because it is just making you look stupid.

  5. jonolan said

    Believe what you will. None of those sources were wrong or untruthful about the length or nature of Obama’s association with Ayers. They DO contain a great deal of vitriol about the actions they took while working together, vitriol that is quite biased.

    I’m very sorry for bothering you. I assumed – wrongly – that you were intelligent enough to look at the facts that related to your post and skim over the drivel. I forgot that the Left discounts facts when they come from sources that use the facts – and a liberal dose of supposition – against your pet causes.

  6. Mike said

    Aha. So, I should just “know” that they’re factual, while skimming over the bias? Do you realise just how ridiculous that is?

    As to facts: You didn’t provide any. What you did provide was a cascade of nonsense. Your comment about “the Left” provides me with ample enough reason to discount what you say, even had you not provided such schlock as WND.

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