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I am still alive…

Posted by That Other Mike on 22/12/2008

… contrary to any rumours.

I’ve moved house. It’s a much better place. Still shared accommodation, but in this one, the landlord lives in, and so has a vested interest in keeping the place nice. I don’t remember if I blogged about it, but in the the last house, a small drip in the bathroom resulted in the ceiling in the living room falling down. This was November, 2007; as of two weeks ago, new plasterboard was put in. Yeah, exactly.

Anyway, the room I have now is nicer and the house generally is in better shape – less cold, less run down, and the people seem much nicer and more together. Less likely to go bugshit nuts, in other words, which was a problem in the last place.

I don’t have any responsibility for the bills, beyond handing money to the landlord for them.

Altogether, it’s a much better place to be living.

I have also come late to the game and started using Skype for calling the missus; I have the Unlimited World package, meaning that I can make up to 10,000 minutes of calls monthly for £7.99, which is significantly less than what I was previously paying…

It’s a much better situation all round for me right now, and I’m happy to be here 🙂

I’m working Monday to Wednesday in the coming week; not because I couldn’t get time off, but because I didn’t want it. I’ll have Christmas Day and Boxing, because they’re Bank Holidays, but there’s not really much I can do about that. I dislike Christmas generally, and not only for the whole religious side of it; there’s the atmosphere of forced jollity and the requirement that you be seen to be enjoying yourself. I got called “Scrooge” by a couple of people in (partial) jest, and I responded by challenging them to call me when they start celebrating Ramadan or Rosh Hashanah or Diwali, which seems to have done the trick…

In other news, I’ve also moved back to Opera-based browsing, and boy, is it an improvement! I was using Firefox for a while, because anything beats Internet Exploder, but that was really only because I wanted to use StumbleUpon. It was just cranky and kept crashing on me, so I decided to come back to Opera, and what a blissful browsing experience it is. I can recommend 9.6 to everyone.

That’s about it for now, really.


6 Responses to “I am still alive…”

  1. Lottie said

    I’m glad you like your place, Honey. The Skype thing is great isn’t it? I’m glad you worked out the problem we were having. But I was really hanging in there. You have to give me credit for that.

    You sound happy and I’m happy for you. The next move you make will be the big one and it’ll be for keeps!

    I love you!

  2. I’m really pleased to hear that you’re settling in your new place, mate. I hadn’t realised the last place was as bad as that. Must have been pretty bloody stressful.

    Still, you’re away from me now — all settled for Christmas (he he he… or should that be, ho ho ho?) Got all your decs up? 😉

    Skype… can’t you do free computer to computer calls, or doesn’t that work very well? (Given my dislike of telephones I, naturally, have never tried it!)

  3. Mike said

    Lottie: I know, you hung in there. I was expecting you to have had several Bulldog fits there, so it was amazing that you didn’t… 😛 Love you too!

    Gary: Fairly awful, yeah. The landlord’s agent was something of a douchebag generally, and he steals deposits… That sort of thing should stop happening with the requirement to post it into a third party bank account, anyway.

    Skype allows free pc-to-pc calls, and I have a subscription plan for £7.99 a month which allows me up to 10K minutes of calls to landlines in over 36 countries. Worth having.

  4. saintpaulgrrl said

    Congratulations on your new ‘digs,’ Mike. Sounds like a better situation all the way around!

  5. Mike said

    Thanks, Bonnie! Sorry about your tooth… Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  6. Lottie said

    Mike: This it total BS! Oh wait… you were complimenting me, weren’t you?

    Feel better now? 😆

    Gary: Another cool thing about the Skype account is that Mike was able to choose two or three virtual phone numbers, one of which is a local number for me. So now I can call him with no per minute charge.

    Bonnie: Hopefully I’ll be next. 😀

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