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A ‘verse, a ‘verse, my brain for a multiverse!

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/06/2009

The ability of Creationists to fool themselves into thinking they understand science always astounds me — they so obviously and plainly fail at it on every level. And yet they always seem to think that they are able to see something that actual scientists don’t or won’t, because there’s some huge anti-Creationist conspiracy of scientists who hate God or something equally ridiculous – and they, by golly, with their third grade level of science understanding, are just the ones to overturn all those thousands of hours of study and experimentation.

Or something.

A prime example of this is Neil Simpson, a man with whom I’ve tangled before. If that sounds somewhat melodramatic, it’s because he’s such a repulsive douchebag that the only way I can keep him in my head for longer than a few seconds before my screaming brain repels the thought is to imagine us in some kind of fanciful period setting, fighting a duel. It’s pirates today. Haaaaaarrr. He, of course, is Captain Hook, minus the charm or character. He’s basically some arsehole in a wig, stumbling around and molesting the occasional parrot.

Neil Simpson, Eternity Matters:
The Multiverse: An Atheist’s Concession Speech

I don’t get science, philosophy or logic, therefore Jesus!

Srsly. It’s like watching elephants trying to do ballroom dancing – there’s lots of dull thuds and shit flying in every direction.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies, perfected by Elton Beard and promulgated by Sadly, No! This shorter is traditional in every way.

In other douchebag news, this post has boarded the ROFLCopter and is heading for funny country. The article itself is pretty pedestrian and bland, but the comments are teh funnee – two of them (here and here) appear to take seriously the idea of a Palin Presidential run in 2012.

It’s a mark of how deranged the Republicans have become in recent years that these comments have appeared – the commenters appear to be actually lucid, well-mannered and polite, at least for the internet; unlike teabaggers, PUMAs and other similarly demented single-issue groups, which tend to be wall-to-wall full of the kind of mouthfrothing insanity that deserves its own page in the DSM. And yet, these seemingly normal people take seriously the idea that Palin could be a credible Presidential candidate.

George Orwell coined a term for this in 1984 – he called it doublethink, the ability to hold two mutually incompatible positions as true at the same time. In Newspeak, doublethink is a virtue, and it appears to be becoming that way in the modern Republican Party. On the one hand, these people probably pay their taxes, drive safely, drink moderately if at all, and scoff at psychics. On the other, they think that an unqualified dipshit from Alaska with less political nous than the sports page of the New York Post could actually be a good President and actually consider her well-qualified on a technical level!

That, my friends, is impressive. If I tried to balance being a good, model citizen with simultaneously being seriously of the opinion that, say, Paris Hilton would make a good President, I think my head might explode under the stress. That’s modern politics for you, I guess. And it’s also a very good reason to keep the Republicans out of power for a few more years, or at least until Palin’s looks start to go and she doesn’t have any way to easily distract from her lack of knowledge and ability.


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