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Exceptionally Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/09/2009

The attempts of wingnuts to jump onboard popular culture, especially in the States, are a little puzzling to me, I must admit. They try to get in and ride the wave of popularity to push their political agenda by dressing up in the clothes of pop culture – they try to be hip, ironic and cool (yeah, I know).

They’ve been trying for years now, so why is it that they’re still so full of FAIL?

Shorter Andrew Blart-Blart, Bigot in Hollywood:
Everything America does is special, wonderful and better than anywhere else. If you don’t agree, you hate America.

Via some idiot.


2 Responses to “Exceptionally Stupid”

  1. Lottie said

    Where do you find these people, Honey?

    Call me whenever you’re ready. 😉

  2. Mike said

    At the bottom of the intelligence barrel. They’re usually picking splinters out of their tongues.

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