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Mighty White of You!

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/09/2009

Ok, it might seem like I’m picking on BlartBlartHollywood here, and that’s because I am.

Shorter Michael McGoober, True Colors: A Race Discussion With Isaiah Washington:
In race relations, it’s the negroes who are racist. A Black guy was kinda sorta mean to me, and it’s racism! When will the boot of the Black Man be off the neck of the poor, misunderstood Aryan?

The comments are especially nasty:

I’m a taxicab driver in the ghettos of Philadelphia and I’m sick and tired of all of this “racists” talk.

I see how these people live. I see how these people act. Enough already. They have lost all credibility in my opinion due to their behavior.

OK, racism aside, who says “taxicab”? And Kirk, why? You could’ve been driving a taxicab among the stars, getting it on with hot green alien women! Why leave all that for a life as a wingnut?

Emulate Wellington: “Publish and be damned.” So your ancestors were slaves? Get over it. Grow up and stop whining. My give-a-damn is broken.

We were good enough to free your ancestors from slavery, eventually. What else do you want, boy?

On the subject of history, does it matter to any of these knuckleheads that Barack Obama has absolutely no genetic connection to American slavery (except possibly on his white mother’s side)? As the descendant of an East African Muslim tribesman, he has no more connection to the West African Animist blacks who were brought over here as slaves, than I have to the Norwegians because my ancestors came from Italy.

Which means Obama isn’t Black, not one bit, nuh-uh, no how.

I had this very conversation with a black friend of mine. She was ranting and raving about slavery and how terrible it was (I agreed) and how it was responsible for the terrible place blacks were in today (I disagreed) I went into a long detailed explanation that included welfare and the cycle of poverty and I’m sure it sounded like yada yada yada to her until I asked a simple question. If your great great great …however many great grandparents had not been brought to this country as slaves….where would you be living now? Would you be in America working two jobs while you finish college or would you be living in Darfur running from rape squads and feeding your children ants and mud? Perhaps you should thank whoever it is that you thank that your ancestors endured what they did, and that people fought to see that you could be free…and stop your whining. Conversation over.

Yeah! Why aren’t you grateful that your ancestors were slaves? It means you get to be American! You should be thanking us for slavery and Jim Crow – at least you get to be here!


6 Responses to “Mighty White of You!”

  1. Lottie said

    Teh Stupid! It burns!

  2. Mike said

    I haz a stoopid burn! Aiiiiiiieeeee!

  3. theafiles said

    Mike – I work in Africa (I know – it sounds so “canned” to say that – but I do work here). Been all up and down the west coast, everywhere from Ivory Coast, all the way down to Angola.

    And I’ve had many an African-American come over here to provide certain critical technical skills. Do you want to take a guess what they have to say about their ancestors haven been taken away from the motherland?

    In no way do I believe slavery was a positive institution. I’m just saying is that others have noticed, even after 200 years, there is a difference between here, and living in the states.


  4. That’s the legacy of colonialism for you…

  5. theafiles said

    True Mike – but is it colonialism which is to blame?

    I’ve worked every country from Ivory Coast to Angola. I’ve seen countries under French, Spanish, and British colonial power.

    I used to think colonialism was “bad”. But now I’m over here and there are two distinct groups -= countries with roads and electrical power, and countries with no infrastructure. Guess which ones were Colonial powers, and which ones weren’t?

    As for the problems today – it has very little to do with blaming the Colonials – it has to do with Greed. I could probably write a book on the corruption and graft which is prevalent. Care for the people? No. It’s all “What-cha ha me” – which is pidgin for “what do you have for me.


  6. There’s literally no country in Africa untouched by former colonialism, though, that’s the point. To say that the abuses and excesses generated under colonialism are justified because in some cases there were unrelated positive effects is a bit pointless, IMO – tribes and societies were split up, abrupt and arbitrary distinctions were enforced, long term rivals were showved together and friends pushed apart, natural resources depleted and so on. While there might well have been some net positives as an unintended result of the colonial impulse, there have also been a great many negativesdirectly resulting from it – Idi Amin’s reign of terror was a result of Uganda being a former British colony, the various atrocities of Rwanda, Apartheid in South Africa and so on. It’s like saying, yeah, I broke into your house, took your TV and took all your food, but at least I wiped the kitchen counters afterwards, look how clean they are!

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