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An Open Letter to Joe Lieberman

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/10/2009

Dear Joe:

Just join the fucking Republican Party already.



P.S. Fuck you, you opportunistic, immoral douchebag.

P.P.S. While I still think Gore was robbed in Florida, the fact that you never ended up as Veep almost makes up for it. You’re Connecticut’s version of Sarah Palin.


2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Joe Lieberman”

  1. birthmark2 said

    And don’t forget, Joe is only there because CT, unlike many states, has no sore loser law.

    Hopefully, CT will be inspired by Lieberman to consider one…soon.

  2. Mike said

    If ever there was a good reason to have one, it’s Joe Lieberman.

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