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As if Mississippi didn’t have enough to be ashamed of…

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/04/2010

… it has now emerged that the town of Fulton staged a pro-forma fake prom because of legal pressure while parents of the remaining kids held their own private event.

For those not paying attention, recently Itawamba Agricultural High School recently denied one of its students, Constance McMillen, the change to dress in a tuxedo and bring her girlfriend to the senior prom. Constance, being a good American, said “Bullshee-it!” and sued the school district; the judge agreed that her rights had been violated and that school had to allow her to attend.

The school then cancelled the prom in a fit of pique; further legal pressure caused them to reinstate it. With me so far? When the date of the official prom rolled around, the only people attending were Constance, her date, and seven other kids.

Meanwhile, more or less the entire rest of the senior year were holding their own private prom elsewhere, with the blessings of their parents, and, presumably, the school district.

They have since been found out and are actually now blaming Constance for the fact that a large swathe of America is calling them a bunch of hateful douchebags – see here, here, hereAh, just google it.

This isn’t the first time Fulton county has been at the centre of this kind of thing – in January, they suspended Juin Baize, a transgendered student, after one day of school because, well, we don’t officially know – the school failed to properly fill out the suspension notice; the area of the form for the reason for suspension was left blank. But given the recent travesty involving Constance, is it unreasonable to assume that IAHS has a serious problem with LGBT students even existing?

At the moment, the ACLU is investigating the situation with Constance, although it says that as Baize has moved out of the area, it would be difficult to file on his behalf; frankly, I hope they manage to sue the pants off the school district, and that this follows the students around for at least a couple of years like a bad smell.

Update: NMissCommentor, who broke the story about the bait and switch involving the fake prom attended by 9(!) students while the real prom was going on elsewhere, confirms that little-known old media outlet MSNBC has come in on the story. Expect IAHS to get a media drubbing and for someone to get fired or reassigned while the students and administrators continue to be dicks.


One Response to “As if Mississippi didn’t have enough to be ashamed of…”

  1. Lottie said

    I’ve been following the story about Constance. It’s utterly shameful. 😦

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