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Posted by That Other Mike on 23/04/2010

I was going to do a shorter of this post by noted birfoon mattie, but some posts just mock themselves, and besides, it’s pretty short already. My response is below the jump.

Wutbarry: birth announcement vs birth certificate

Birth certificate posts

Stop and think objectively for a moment.

Now answer me this:

How crazy is it to rely on 48 year-old untraceable as to who placed them or where exactly the information was obtained birth announcements when $20 buys 20 verifiable facts already vouched for by the ultimate authority?



Ladies and Gents, I present the Biting Pear of Salamanca, the only meaningful response to birther inanity.

This is really the point when we need to stop paying attention to the birthers in any meaningful or serious sense. They’re a political joke who will never succeed at their stated aims, because they’re based in hatred and good old-fashioned ignorance.

Not dissimilar to their predecessors, the Pumas, who have almost completed their slide into irrelevance, despite once being an internet-based political advocacy power group (of at least half a dozen basement dwellers) to be reckoned with.

Arf, arf. Sorry. I made a laff about Pumas. Hopefully the birthers will follow them into well-deserved obscurity in due course.

One Response to “lolwut”

  1. Lottie said

    Ha. You made a lol. :-p

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