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PUMA Stupidity, Part 75 Million

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/05/2010

Shorter Madamab, Feminist Friday: A Pattern Begins, The Widdershins:
Great! Bad enough that we have an uppity inadequate Black male as President, now the colored women want in on the act! Don’t you know that the only legitimate female politicians are White?

Madamab is one of the leading lights of the PUMA movement, in that she’s whiny, stupid, short-sighted, self-absorbed and frequently crypto-racist. She basically exemplifies what the PUMAs are all about – she has been shilling for the HRC cause for a long time, and when that went South, she and her ilk understandably transferred their allegiance to Sarah Palin.

You can see why, really – Palin and Clinton are so alike in temperament, policy and intelligence.

Bonus points for Madamab’s barely-hidden racist tendencies – she’s also been a guest writer at The Confluence, the idiotic PUMA blog which skirts a fine line with dogwhistles. She’s been especially notable over there for her short one act plays, which demonstrate the same fine grasp of language and nuance as evinced by her heroine, Sarah Palin.

This is the same blog which has been host to the insane dakinikat, the dangerous jenni4hillary and the utterly loathsome shitheel myiq2xu; when the whole Reverend Wright/scary-black-man-preacher right-wing meme was in full flow, there was a lot of whining about judging people by the company they keep. Funny they don’t extend that to themselves.


2 Responses to “PUMA Stupidity, Part 75 Million”

  1. Fredster said

    It is apparent you know nothing about her site or her. She is far from a PUMA anymore and if you think she supports Sarah Palin then you’ve read nothing there.

    Bonus points for Madamab’s barely-hidden racist tendencies

    Ah, spoken like a true Obot! Please, if you can, elaborate on her “barely hidden) racist tendencies.

    Oh well, your drivel over there will be removed soon enough.

  2. Well, aren’t you sweet, coming over to white knight for her?

    I don’t think you understand parody/snark, Fred.

    Oh, and use of the term “Obot”? Yeah, kind of invalidates everything you were trying to say, especially about someone else’s drivel.

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