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How about YOU shut the hell up?

Posted by That Other Mike on 12/06/2010

A few points for you, ABW, following your post:

  1. Boris Johnson is a marginal figure in British politics – the Prime Minster has distanced himself from the comments, as has Nick Clegg. To take one clownish politician’s statements and declare on the back of this that this is a representative viewpoint is moronic – akin to calling Michelle Bachmann, Jesse Ventura and Orly Taitz representative voices of the United States.
  2. BP is not British Petroleum and has not been for nearly a decade now. Calling it that, when a cursory search will tell you that the name is no longer in use, is along the lines of Know-Nothing rhetoric, designed solely to shift blame to a foreign “Other”. Which leads to the next point…
  3. While BP is technically based in London, it merged with Amoco in 1998. You know Amoco, the American company? When you look at its 14 member board of directors, what do you see? Why, that would be more than just British nationals! Where is BP traded? Internationally, including on the NYSE! My gods! That must mean it’s not just a British company! But, but, but…

In short, Boris Johnson is an irrelevance here, BP is not British Petroleum, and there is more than significant US involvement in the company — in other words, your points, such as they are, are mere inflammatory rhetoric.

So — Why don’t you exercise some responsibility and amend your post, correct your mistakes and tone it down? Because if there’s a xenophobe around here, right now it sure as shit looks like you.


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