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Posted by That Other Mike on 16/09/2010

A few things which have interested me recently:

If you saw a blind, three legged, 29 year old horse win the derby… you'd say the race was fixed. On the other hand, I'm rather amazed at the people who are praising the Heller-McDonald decisions. For example, The Brady Organisation which will happily point out that the decision doesn't preclude reasonable regulations. In fact, the Second Amendment protects a civic right, that is it is supposed to ensure that the Article I, Section 8, clause 16 militia remains armed and has fuck all to do with "gun rights".

A pictorial history of the Oval Office – I found it weirdly fascinating.

From the Council of Secular Humanism, an interesting article about the blindspot which humanists sometimes have about the supposed monolithic nature of Islam; it makes for interesting reading:

[S]ecular humanists have not been entirely clear-eyed about Islam. While supporting critical inquiry, many secularists have also been partial to simplistic representations of the Muslim world. Indeed, some popular secular literature opposing Islam is hardly distinguishable from Christian and neoconservative polemics. Secularists have been too eager to seek immediate doctrinal causes for Muslim problems. In doing so, many critics have been tempted to identify an essential “true Islam” that is antagonistic to reason and liberal values.


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