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I am such a nerd

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/09/2010

OK, so I’m totally gay for1 religious and political rough-and-tumble debate, but this is probably the best put down I’ve seen all week, and I’m a regular reader of snark blogs.

From Thers, over at Whiskey Fire, discussing Assrocket2 :

Assrocket, who is inferior to Thomas Aquinas only in the categories of being stupid and not being dead, points out the Errors here.

So, total nerdish for this sort of blog and this kind of snark or not, that was just epic.

1 See sense 2 here if you didn’t get the reference. And, also, keep up with modern culture a bit more or something. Also, too.
2 He gets called Assrocket because his name is John Hinderaker, and he used to use the handle Hindrocket, which naturally lent itself to the nickname of Assrocket, even though the man himself has since stopped being Hindrocket. Clear? OK.


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