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Not Redefining, Just Expanding

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/10/2010

Excellent quotation. Via.

Cynthia Nixon

“Gay people do not want to redefine marriage. When women got the right to vote, it did not redefine voting.”
Cynthia Nixon


3 Responses to “Not Redefining, Just Expanding”

  1. Rob F said

    If the wingnuts were around back then they would have been against women voting, too.

  2. Hi Rob, thanks for commenting.

    There’s no “would” about it – the Senate refused to debate the 19th Amendment at the time, and it took a concerted effort by women’s rights groups towards ejecting anti-suffrage Senators before they actually took notice. And then there was a court case, Leser v. Garnett, in which Oscar Leser sought to have two women voters removed from the rolls in Maryland because the Constitution of that State forbade women’s suffrage, Supremacy Clause be damned; obviously the right was upheld, but it does rather illustrate the point that the issues might change, but wingnuts don’t!

  3. Rob F said

    Thank you. I never knew about court case and what it took to get the 19th Amendment going. Hence, I stand corrected.

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