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I would snark this…

Posted by That Other Mike on 27/10/2010

… but, well, why gild the lily? It’s a self-snarking post. If I didn’t know better from the extensive litany of wingnuttery present elsewhere, I’d assume this were a Poe. That’s a sad state of affairs for any country, though, when a significant fraction of its politically-active citizens cannot be told apart from a joke version of themselves.

Anyway. Herewith, a shorter from some redneck embarrassment to the United States:

Steve Hilton, Get Offa My Front Porch ‘Fore I Get The Shotgun, Boy
Relaxing on Illegals Voting, Here’s the way the Dem’s sneak in…

  • Those damn Demmycrats want to let brown people vote! What? What they really want is to let brown people who ain’t citizens vote? Lord! That would be just awful in some way to do with citizens! I can’t figure it out right now, but I just know that letting more brown people vote is a recipe for disaster, ‘specially if they ain’t citizens. Hell, even if they are!

    Nurse! Come here, I need changing again!

  • Honestly, that’s not even too far from what he actually wrote, wording and everything…

    6 Responses to “I would snark this…”

    1. Maybe you need to read it again. I didn’t post it, I reposted it from Fox news. This is what I wrote: This is an outrage, it’s a slap in the face of people who want to be citizens, who are citizens and those who fought and died for the right to be called a citizen. Oh, you noticed I said Dems…well, if allowed to vote, read WHO they would vote for…no reason other than I like.. Other than that line, and a few expletives that I won’t print…I know of nothing else to say, except this is from Fox News:

      Get your facts right before you try to trash something. To many people forget what legal immigration is…it isn’t just another handout. Take it for what it’s worth, because you’re probably going to try to rewrite this again…but you might look at what the Constitution really says instead of what you want it to say.

      Mike sez: I saw what you wrote, pal. I have reading comprehension skills, and I can certainly read well enough between the lines to know what you meant. You’re scared of minorities voting to begin with, and you’re extra scared because they might vote for Democrats. Goodness knows why they wouldn’t feel like voting for your chosen candidates; could it be the history of open racism and bigotry? Why, yes, it just might be!

      And as for Constitutional meaning… Heh. At least you made me laugh. I’m not the one who’s a Teabagger, chief, and that goes hand in hand with ignorance, practically by definition.

    2. Really Mike, had you gleaned what you read…only if you read further than what you supposed it meant, then you would realize that I’m not scared of a minority…the conservatives have been that. It’s also looking like those folks that you classify as “teabaggers” are actually stepping up and voting against Democrats, and Republicans…well, at least the progressive ones.

      The only thing that scares me is people like you who like to twist everything into something bad for this country while watching it fall around you Then you react by reaching back to blame someone else or bad mouth something you don’t choose to understand. Democrats did more to harm the racist movement than you’re willing to research to find out.

      My chosen candidates? Ha…there’s my laugh. Until you and your friends realize what the Constitution allows and means…then, uh, chief, it’s you that has no comprehension of ignorance.

    3. […] Here is the original link to the post.  It unleased a war with a blogger named the other Mike on The Odd Blog.  You can read what he said originally by clicking the name of the blog.  I don’t repost […]

      Mike notes – implying a debate went on… It’s not a debate if one party, in this case Cranky Steve, can’t form an argument.

    4. Steve’s comment implies that a) he is not a RWNJ; b) that he actually knows something about history; and c) that he actually knows anything about Constitutional matters. None of the above is actually true, but you get points for trying, anyway.

      GTFO, Crankypants.

    5. not a problem since you only hear what you wish…and save your points…I don’t need them.

    6. Lottie said

      Hey Mike, I’m glad to see that when you post about other bloggers, quote them and link their blogs, you at least have the common courtesy to open comments so they can respond. 😉

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