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Oh, Dear. Colonel Mustard has done it again.

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/10/2010

The Ole Perfesser’s latest post is a proud shout out to one of his “readers”1, who sent in a picture of his truck, which can be viewed here.

It’s pretty typical fare from the kind of person who feels the need to drive that kind of 4 wheeled penis2—incoherent, inconsistent growling which is so childishly partisan in tone that it effectively becomes self-refuting: All incumbents are bad (except my guys)! All liberals are lazy bums (except the ones who work hard)! Let’s do lots of oil drilling in the US because it’s totally not phallic symbolism (and ignore the fact that the available oil reserves would cover American usage for less than a week)! In short, it needs no further discussion; the driver is an idiot.

However, I do wonder whether it’s really Old Billy’s best tactic, in terms of intellectual creds, to broadcast that his readership cannot comprehend coherent policies which are too complicated to fit into a short phrase on a bumper sticker. I mean, the guy claims to be an academic; although having said that, he is a lawyer, so possibly he has the same grasp on reality as the Queen of Hearts and this is all part of his daily regimen of believing impossible things. I can be a real academic while simultaneously writing a blog of insufferable stupidity for drooling halfwits; I can pretend to be a defender of the Constitution while pissing all over it!

Frankly, though, I’m angling more towards the opinion that he’s suffering early-onset dementia.

1 I question whether someone who looks at a blog which is essentially written in right-wing Crayola can accurately be called a “reader”.
2 Phrase originated by Kinky Friedman, pbuh.


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