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The Easiest Shorter Ever

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/03/2011

John “The Good Ship” Lillpop, CHCH News, Barack Obama: Congress Must Act to Make Him a ½ Term President!:

Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m a cranky bigot! Ha! Ha! Ha! My knowledge of civics is abominably poor! Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t have a leg to stand on! Ha! Ha! Ha! Get that nigger out – there’s a reason it’s called the WHITE House! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, really. When someone writes something that stupid, it almost seems a waste of time to engage with anything but simple mockery. It’s being spread around a by a few vile creatures, like this racist moron, and this poor excuse for a human being. Frankly, the article is a tissue of lies, right-wing tropes and thinly-veiled racism, which scarcely deserves a response.

That said, little John has a few issues with Obama which are easily dealt with:

( ) Refused to defend DOMA, a Congressional-approved law in place for 15 years by unilaterally declaring said law unconstitutional;

Oh, John. This is very stupid. Presidents have always made determinations as to whether they will defend certain laws in court, and have always asserted that they have a right to interpret whether laws are constitutional when it comes to their enforcement duties. Clinton refused to defend a law requiring the mandatory discharge of armed forces personnel with HIV; Bush Senior declined to defend a law in 1990 mandating affirmative action in the FCC; the DOJ refused to defend in 1946 the constitutionality of a section of the Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act of 1943. The refusal to defend possibly unconstitutional laws in court is nothing new, and nothing of any consequence; while Presidents cannot refuse to enforce constitutional laws, they are entirely at liberty to refuse to defend them. And besides, John, where were you when George W. Bush wouldn’t eat breakfast without a signing statement? It sounds like you’re a nasty little hypocrite whose working knowledge of civics could be written on the back of a postage stamp in really big letters.

( ) Refused to cease implementation of ObamaCare despite a court ruling which held the entire act unconstitutional;

One ruling… by a judge who has since put a stay on his ruling. In the meantime, more judges have ruled that the PPACA is constitutional.

U.S. District Court Judge George Caram Steeh affirmed that in his view the law was constitutional.
U.S. District Court Judge Norman K. Moon also declared the individual mandate legal and constitutional.
U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler rejected a challenge to the law.

Looks like you’re 0 for 2, John. Let’s see if you can bring yourself up to an acceptable standard with the the next one.

( ) Refused to secure U.S. borders and implement immigration laws designed to protect American citizens.

Oh, and he’s out of the race! Both civil and criminal deportations are higher under the Obama administration than they were during the Bush administration. Given that it took me all of ten seconds to find that on Google, it seems that you’re quite possibly very, very stupid, or that you have another motive. Couldn’t possibly be your support for the illegal machinations around immigration in Arizona, could it? And, by the way, John-Boy, Hispanic doesn’t equal illegal; there are plenty of Latinos living in the States whose families have been there since before there was a United States. Then again, why would that matter to you? It’s all about getting rid of the nasty coloured people, right?

Just as clearly, in his capacity as president Barack Obama represents a clear and present danger to preservation of the rights and liberties of American citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Oh, call the Waaaaaaahmbulance. You don’t like him, so you’re just making shit up.

Given Obama’s reckless and treasonous behavior, America cannot wait for another election cycle to remove this narcissistic, foolish tyrant from power.

Except that all you’ve proved so far, John, is that you’re a lying shitsack who wants to remove a democratically-elected President from office because he doesn’t like him or his policies. In short, you’re basically a hobby seditionist.

Responsible members in the U.S. Congress from both parties must unite behind the American people and remove Barack Obama from office—NOW!

“Sedition now! Sedition for ever!”

Barack Obama should not have been elected to begin with.

We must not allow the trashing of America to continue: Impeach Barack Obama and remove him from office now.

“Make the black man go away, mommy! He’s the wrong colour!” You’re not only a liar, John, you’re also pissing all over the Constitution you claim to venerate. You, quite simply, are a seditionist jerkwad.

Do it for the children!

And the troops! And Mom’s apple pie! Doing something for the sake of the children is so hackneyed a rhetorical device that even using it instantly marks you as someone whose thoughts, opinions and values should not only be ignored by mocked soundly, possibly ending up with your being tarred and feathered; or at least, it would mark you out like that if you hadn’t already thoroughly disgraced yourself in your shitty little diatribe.

John W. Lillpop, I hereby crown you as King Dick for all time. Or at least until Jonah Goldberg writes something new.


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