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Dan Blatt: “Give it to me harder and deeper, Boss!”

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/04/2011

Shorter Dan Blatt, GayPatriot, "Well, in recent days, Log Cabin had started sounding like Republicans"
You know, it’s totally not cool for Big Gubmint to tell businesses that they have to treat me like a human being just because I’m gay! As a Republican, I find the idea of treating minorities with respect and dignity to be totally offensive!


I try to avoid regularly reading Dan Blatt’s blog over GayPatriot; mainly because I value my IQ and even going there seems to shave a couple of points off for every second you stay. I also find it to be grossly, grossly stupid in many other ways (it’s a right-wing blog, after all), and also not a little squalid; the spectacle of someone claiming to be gay while defending the same Republican policies which would render him at best an outsider and at worst a non-person is just appalling. It’s like seeing a child trying to make his bullies like him; like seeing someone feign delight at being smacked in the face while an ignorant thug chants “Stop hitting yourself!” over and over.

The level of anti-gay bigotry in the Republican Party is bad enough on any given day for me to find it utterly distasteful (and yes, Dan, forcing inequality before the law to remain in place as a keystone policy issue is bigotry), but the abhorrent, squalid exhibition of a gay man not only taking it but cheerleading it? That, readers, is sickening, and that is why Dan’s blog is such a cesspit.

ETA: Oh, lovely. Check the comments – Dan equates ENDA and similar legislation with Jim Crow laws. Classy.


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