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Silly Emogressive

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/04/2011

Silly emogressives, the reason you don’t get taken seriously is because you post shit like this:

FightTheFuture April 5th, 2011 at 5:13 pm
In response to Tom65 @ 96
The utter stupidity of your lack of vision or understanding is what cannot be measured here. I have to really laugh at you strawman blathering about unicorns. Especially this “it does not end the war in Afghanistan, Libya or anywhere else; it does not give us single-payer”. Hellooooo, anyone home?! Who had commanding majorities after 2008? Who never gave single payer a hearing and sold out the public option? Who ramped up the war in Afghanistan and started one in Libya? The cowardly corporatist ass, Obama, and the spineless Dems, that’s who. They didn’t end it either and further cemented in and advanced the Fascism already in place. Alas, that seems lost on you while you blather on about ” magic unicorns pooping bacon”. Do you even read what you write? Do you comprehend what you write? Cripes!

You’re welcome to keep on hitting your head with a hammer hoping for a different result this time. I have gotten over this insanity. I am not “sending a message”, you miss what I am saying. I am hoping to wake up enough people to effect real change to the system at the ground level. Scott Walker did it in Wisconsin, but he had to get in to do it. All the talk about the scary boogeyman in the closet so keep on voting for the spineless sellout corpro-dems is for suckers, like you, apparently.

Oh, you know why progressives aren;t taken seriously? Because too many who think they are keep on selling out the long range goal to short term bullshit from people like you. So what happens is the death of a thousand cuts. One step forward, three steps back. Do you have any concept of what has happened over the last 40 years?

People are catching on the Democratic party and the current sick joke of a President. They are part of the Kabuki, keeping the heat on, but not full boil so people acclimate to their continuing reduction in living standards and further impoverishment. So, let the crazies go full bore and see if it wakes the somnambulant rabble up. I believe it will.

At best, you’re naive, and at worst, you’re an active hindrance to anyone fighting for real progressive ideals, but you are always ridiculous, irony-proof and your own worst enemy. Enjoy your peptic ulcer.

Mad props to Tom65, though – keep it up, my fellow Roaster.


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