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The Floor Is Yours (via The only adult in the room)

Posted by That Other Mike on 07/04/2011

This post is full of win – it really takes the mogressives to task. Yes, we know Obama didn’t give you a magic sparkle pony that shits rainbows. Nobody gets exactly what they want all the time, but most people act like grown ups about it.

Here's something that I really hope to make into a habit – Posting stuff that you guys writes. As s debut, this is a letter sent by Big Daddy Rich to Stephanie Miller yesterday, who actually read parts of it during her show. This is the full version. Big Daddy Rich, the floor is yours: Mama and the Mooks: I haven't listened to the show in a couple of days, because I figured I'd hear a lot of moaning and groaning from the Mooks over Eric Holder's … Read More

via The only adult in the room


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