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Go Fuck Yourself, San Diego

Posted by That Other Mike on 02/05/2011

In a move designed to illustrate just exactly how classy and grown up a bunch they are, the cretins over at Protein Wisdom are falling all over themselves to find some way to criticise Obama in the wake of his announcement last night, and to try to turn what amounts to a massive political gain into a failure.

Given the average intelligence of the posters and commentators in that nest of idiocy, they’re not doing so well. One of the frontpagers, a scumbucket by the name of Darleen Click1 made an excruciatingly stupid post that literally had my jaw hanging open for a few seconds while I tried to comprehend what she was doing.

Had Darleen sat down to write the post and had a catastrophic brain haemmorhage? Had her fingers begun to dance over the keyboard when she was struck by a falling rock, with the subsequent TBI explaining the lack of mental process?

A cusory scan of the front page over at Protein Wisdom reveals that, sadly, Darleen is this stupid all the time. The great wonder of it is not that she manages to blog, but that she does so and remembers to breathe at the same time.

1Darleen is a shitsack whose chief claim to fame is the execrable and excremental cartoon called Rape of Liberty, in which President Obama is compared to a rapist. Stay classy, Darleen; nothing like some racist rape jokes to make you a respected pillar of the community.


2 Responses to “Go Fuck Yourself, San Diego”

  1. Lottie said

    My money is on the brain haemorrhage.

  2. But that puts her in the position of not being responsible for the pile of shite she wrote…

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