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Osama bin Laden is dead, Obama announces

Posted by That Other Mike on 02/05/2011

Big news:

Osama bin Laden is dead, Obama announces

Osama bin Laden, the criminal mastermind behind al-Qaida and the world’s most sought-after terrorist since the attacks of 11 September 2001, has been killed by a US operation, President Barack Obama has announced.

In an address to the nation, President Obama said Bin Laden was killed in a “targeted operation” in Abbottabad, a highland town north of Islamabad, last night.

The operation started with an intelligence lead last August, and culminated in an operation involving a “small team of Americans”. “After a firefight they killed bin Laden.”

None of the Americans was killed. Pakistani co-operation “helped to lead us to him” he said.

ETA: The reactions over at LGM are, as usual, generally measured and thoughtful.

ETA: The Roasters go a little bananas, but still coherent and making sense.

ETA: In a move which shocks nobody, the CorrenteWhiners (and Lambchop in particular) are acting like bratty kids who don’t know anything about, well, anything.

ETA: Blimey. Fox News is actually doing proper journalism about it.

ETA: Apparently some guy inadvertently live tweeted the raid without knowing it at the time. Wow, that’s weird. Via.

ETA: Barron’s reports an upswing on the Dow and dollar following the announcement.

ETA: Dubya being surprisingly gracious; perhaps he’s mellowed in retirement.

ETA: From LGM, it looks like OBL may have been executed. Slightly troubling in a way, although to be honest, even if he’d been captured, any trial would’ve been a farce. Even the most committed defender of the concept of rule of law would find it difficult to argue that one..


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